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About Plus 50

What People are Saying

Adult learners across the country show satisfaction with programs and services offered by Plus 50 Initiative colleges. Plus 50 workforce training courses and programs are resulting in very positive outcomes for students. Plus 50 enrichment courses help participants keep their minds active and increase their knowledge. Plus 50 support services, including advising and counseling, create enjoyable learning environment for Plus 50 students.

“[What was valuable to me was] refreshing the job search procedure and fine-tuning my resume. […] It gave me energy to move out of old habits; a fresh outlook on the future.”
Student, St. Louis Community College

“[It was valuable] learning new skills to achieve a goal: a degree for a new start and landing a job after 50.”
Student, Joliet Junior College

“The classes made me more aware of where I wanted to be going in my career at this time in my life. Also reviewing my skills and abilities, personality traits and strengths, I was able to direct my energy toward solid decisions.”
Student, St. Louis Community College

“I learned that everything I thought I knew about securing a job in 1994 was irrelevant in 2009.”
Student, Joliet Junior College

“I learned about how I can target prospective employers [in a way that increases my] opportunity to be hired.”
Student, Richland College

“They were the most inspiring, thrilling classes I’ve taken and I have an M.A. […] Her classes were exactly what I hoped to take during retirement. I felt alive and excited.”
Student, Clark College

“The classes I had were a mixed age population. That was good for interfacing with the work environment that I eventually joined.”
Student, Community Colleges of Spokane

“[What was valuable to me was] speaking finally with a person who understands the age problem and job market in our society.”
Student,Cape Cod Community College

“[The staff person] was very understanding of what the job search for someone over 50 might require and was very encouraging and helpful.”
Student,Richland College

“The class would have been overwhelming, but the teacher was very slow paced and she understood that no one understood computers very well so she started us very slow and kept the pace slow. I was very happy with my experience there."
Student,Luzerne County Community College

"Before I had even finished the program I had another job," said O'Brien. "The college was starting up a call center and asked me if I wanted to go to work."
Student,Central Florida Community College

“… I plan to use this training to keep me moving in my later years. Having this certification will give me a leg up on other applicants when I’m ready to go to work.”
Student,Western Dakota Technical Institute

“I want others to know that even if they don’t ever use the skills they acquire in the classes they take, they will feel enriched and better about themselves just for having that knowledge.”
Student, Wake Technical Community College

“I was quite impressed with the program and enrolled in January 2007. The program was close to home and offered what I needed to complete my certification.”
Student, Santa Fe College

"I would advise students about the benefit of smaller classes, which gives more opportunity for better grades and a more relaxed atmosphere, with much less stress."
Student, Clover Park Technical College

"I would advise students about the benefit of smaller classes, which gives more opportunity for better grades and a more relaxed atmosphere, with much less stress."
Student, Clover Park Technical College

“It is incredibly rewarding to hear from students and from community organizations about how much they appreciate a program that is designed just for their needs.”
Pat Fontana, Program Coordinator, Wake Technical Community College

“The Plus 50 Initiative has made a major impact at our college. We value our plus 50 students and work campus-wide to meet the various needs of this growing population. I have participated in many initiatives and projects and this has been the best organized and responsive.”
Mabel Edmonds, Program Director, Clover Park Technical College

“The Plus 50 Initiative could not have launched at a more appropriate time. The economic downturn and the significant loss in the stock market have made it imperative for the plus 50 population to get re-tooled and re-trained in order to withstand these tough economic times.”
Andrea Mace, Program Director, Wake Technical Community College