Welcome to the Jump Start Plus 50!

This is a self-assessment tool that will assist community college professionals in planning and implementing a Plus 50 Initiative program, or in strengthening an already-existing Plus 50 program.

This is an assessment, not a test!
There are no "right" answers, and skipping questions is okay.

The idea is to help you build your Plus 50 Program in whatever stage you happen to be in - whether you're just starting out, or whether you are looking to expand your existing program. These questions, action steps, and resources are targeted to be a source of ideas for your consideration.


You will see a series of questions about the current status of your Plus 50 program. For each question, there will be several "indicator" statements listed, that describe a key step in the development of a Plus 50 Program.

  1. For each statement that you feel you would answer "yes" to, check the box beside that statement. You may select more than one response for each question.
  2. To indicate a "no" answer to a statement, simply leave the box next to it un-checked. If there is a statement that indicates an action step you haven't done yet, you should just skip the question (which indicates a "no" answer).
  3. When you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive a report showing:

Skipping questions or not checking "yes" to any statements for a question is perfectly okay - Remember, there are no "right" answers - this is a tool to HELP you, not to test you!

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